Goddess Provisions High Vibe Box

    REVIEW : Goddess Provisions’ High Vibe Subscription Box

    My “High Vibe’ Goddess Provisions box arrived on Friday, and I’m officially obsessed. I love subscription boxes because they’re a fun way to treat myself without spending a bunch of money on products I’d like to try before buying, and I love discovering new cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands. It’s great when you find a subscription box with super original items that’s also totally vegan! Goddess Provisions contacted me to trial this box and I love it so much I’ll be subscribing for myself next month 💜

    Root Foot Essential oils

    Root Foot Essential Oil Blend

    My favourite from this has to be the Root Foot essential oil blend. I’m really into aromatherapy right now, and the “Eagle” blend with Cedar Wood, Palo Santo, Geranium, Orange and Cinnamon is so beautiful. At at $22 value, that’s something I would definitely buy myself. I’m actually going to order a couple of others from the website. Some comparable aromatherapy blends I’ve seen can be upwards of $35.

    Citrine Point from Goddess Provisions

    Citrine Point

    That being said, I love everything else in this month’s box. The citrine point is gorgeous. {Valued at $8}

    Soapy Layne Facial Steam Blend

    Soapy Layne Wild Flower Facial Steam

    I’ve always loved facial steams and used to buy wildflower blends, but I hadn’t really found a company that made ones I liked for the past couple of years. Soapy Layne’s isn’t overpowering; it’s just lovely and relaxing. It’s a really beautiful combination of wild flowers that you add to your facial steam water or bath. They also have a whole line of other beauty products I’m excited to try. Even though I’ve always avoided harsh chemicals in my skincare products, I’ve been trying to find more indie brands to support. I find the quality is so much better and the products are often more affordable than large “green” skincare companies. {Valued at $14}

    High Chi Mala Bracelet

    High Chi Power Mala

    The High Chi Energy bracelet is beautiful. I love mala bracelets so much, and I love that this particular “Power Mala” is vegan-friendly since they don’t use real pearl. All other beads are actual gemstones though, which I like. I’ve received some mala bracelets in other boxes that are plastic and…I don’t know, I’m just not crazy about them. This is definitely another product I would buy myself. My only criticism with this particular piece is with the way the bracelet is finished. I used to sell and make malas on Etsy, so maybe I’m just overly critical here 😅, but I really like when companies hide the elastic knot on mala bracelets – either by tucking it inside one of the beads and glueing or using a little knot-cover bead. Again, wouldn’t actually dissuade me from buying it, but it’s a little detail I love seeing! {Valued at $39}


    Mattole Valley Naturals Detox Blend

    The Mattole Valley Naturals detox blends in this box are awesome. Each package is a blend of superfoods and organic/wild-crafted plants that can be added to smoothies. Each packet has seven servings. I never get that many uses out of subscription box items, so that’s exciting. The company also runs a sustainable living project in Santa Barbara! Not all of their products are vegan – they also sell products containing whey and goat milk, however these herbal green blends are 100% vegan. No fillers, no herbicides, pesticides, gluten and the packaging is 100% recyclable. A handy way to get some extra supplements and superfoods. {$7 value each}

    Do you have a favourite #subscriptionbox ? Let me know in the comments!